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Department for Clinical Microbiology

Our main activities are the research of infectious diseases, offering state-of-the-art diagnostics of bacterial and fungal infections as part of our routine services. These diagnostics are in line with the latest scientific findings and thus form the basis for targeted therapy in the sense of personalised medicine. Our division covers a wide range of clinical microbiological investigations including bacterial cultures, fungal cultures, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, serology and molecular methods. Since July 1st 2023 we offer a 24-hour service to provide rapid diagnostics for acute and life-threatening infections.

Our scientific activities are primarily focused on the research and establishment of modern, rapid and reliable diagnostics for the direct detection of pathogens in various test materials and for the investigation of resistance mechanisms in bacteria and fungi. The study of the human microbiome in health and disease is another research field in our division. In teaching, we convey the importance of infectious agents and relate them to clinical disease patterns and targeted antimicrobial therapy. Education of undergraduate and graduate students as well as the postdoctoral training is part of our mission.

Our division is also home of the National Reference Centre for Yeasts and Mould Infections and the National Reference Centre for Helicobacter pylori. Through ongoing studies and collaboration with clinical areas, we are committed to advancing the understanding of these areas to enable reliable diagnostic procedures and treatment strategies.